Hannah Rice

About Hannah Rice

Hannah's interested in all kinds of people and places and events, but has no academic qualifications whatever. But neither do flowers, do they?

A Matter of Pace

Most times I go into the garden it’s with a specific task in mind.

But on some days there’s nothing that calls for my help. So I wander around, taking my time, looking, admiring, sniffing the flowers, simply enjoying it all at my own pace. Which is just the way I like it. Though not always easy to manage.

HannahThe problem is, today’s world seems to be so obsessed with change (not to mention violent change) that it’s becoming difficult to keep up. With anything. It’s so often ‘Sorry, we don’t stock that any more”, and “No, that company’s gone out of business”, and increasingly, “Oooh, I’m afraid that’s before my time”. Even time seems to be speeding up. One day something is there, and the next day it’s gone. Just in my lifetime so many ordinary, familiar, accepted things have vanished.

But, thankfully, not everything. Not my plants. I know I can rely on my flowers to go on and on looking gorgeous and sweetening the air like crazy.

I have to admit, of course, that nothing stays the same. Everything on the planet changes, given enough time. And that includes flowers. However…I’ve been told that without any interference from us, most flowers would probably take a million years to change their colour, even slightly. And longer still to change their perfume.

Great. That’s the sort of pace I can handle.