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Max Fulcher – Birds and Orchids


Max Fulcher for many, many years worked within advertising – his artistic and creative skills were put to good use sketching, and creating story boards to bring to ideas to life.

Coupled with his love of plants – orchids in particula – and birds, his watercolours have a niche theme. Having travelled extensively to mainly hot, steamy tropical areas where orchids thrived, he’s seen these plants first hand growing in a wide variety of conditions and environments.

Living for many years on acreage in the warm climates of Brisbane, he had access to orchids he grew at home – he still grows them even though he’s downsized his property. He examines and studies them (as well as grevilleas) before committing them to paper, ensuring their botanical accuracy. Birds aren’t so easy to access so he studies many different photographs from a wide variety of sources to intimately understand their structure, feather colours and habits.

Combine these skills with his love of colour, and the results are vibrant paintings.

Here comes the unusual part of Max Fulcher’s work – he now creates all his images on a computer, drawing with a mouse – not a stylus or digital paintbrush but a mouse.

According to Fulcher, he has ADHD and the intricacies of mastering the technical challenges of computer painting has been the perfect channel for his energies.

This charismatic and enthusiastic man thoroughly enjoys company and a good chat, and the flip side of his personality revels in quiet mornings. Mornings for him are joyous and peaceful, a time to enjoy just being, and to ponder his plants – and he says it’s akin to mediation.

Max Fulcher’s exhibition is on for a limited time at Bondi Pavilion.

Max Fulcher 2015