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Hannah's interested in all kinds of people and places and events, but has no academic qualifications whatever. But neither do flowers, do they?

Secret Ingredient

Despite her usual cavalier gardening style, my friend Eleanor does have her occasional moment of doubt. Though probably not as often as I do. I could hear it in her voice when she phoned me the other morning. A bleak, overcast morning. Would I like to come round for coffee? I decided to call at the bakery on the way.

She was in the garden looking at one of her new flower beds, a very serious expression on her face.

‘So how’s it all going?’ I asked.

‘Okay, I suppose. It’s just that sometimes I look at the garden and wonder if I know anything about anything.’

Her garden looked absolutely wonderful, as always. ‘Like what?’ I asked.

‘Oh, nothing in particular. Maybe it’s the weather. Or me.’ She gave me a smile. ‘Let’s go and have coffee. What’s in the bag?’

DateSliceIn her warm kitchen, we talked. About the weather, politics, food, what we’d been reading lately, gossip. With increasing laughter as we went along. I saw her beginning to cheer up.

We went back into the garden just as the sun was starting to break through. She picked up her gardening gloves, turned to me, and said ‘Well. Back to work, then.’

Many would say that when we feel a bit down now and then, a cosy get-together over coffee can work wonders. I’m sure it can. But with Eleanor I like to make sure of it. I always add a few freshly-baked Date and Honey Slices.

They’re her favourite.


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